Raw or Cooked: Getting the Most Nutrients from Your Vegetables


Most Nutrients from Your Vegetables

Raw or Cooked: Getting the Most Nutrients from Your Vegetables

It’s a given: vegetables are good for you and you should be eating them everyday. It’s been ingrained in our minds by our parents, teachers, and doctors all our lives! But no one ever talks about how to get the most out of your veggies. Unfortunately, we all missed the memo about there being some vegetables better eaten cooked and others are better eaten raw. (more…)

2018: New Year Resolution


women exersice

Here we are turning the corner passing the year 2017  and approaching a fresh start with 2018. Yes, 2017 had its ups and downs as does every year. On the bright side, the world didn’t come to an end and here you are once again thinking and hopefully actually planning on putting a New Year resolution into action! I’m curious to know what everyone has in mind. Please share! (more…)

Creating Buffer Zones


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At Absolute Performance our philosophy revolves around improving movement and getting stronger. From a physical standpoint, there’s not much that being stronger and moving better won’t fix – it’s the closest thing to the fountain of youth that exists.

But why are strength and movement so important? Apart from the obvious benefits of looking better and being awesome, cultivating strength and good movement creates buffer zones. (more…)

The Strength and Conditioning Archives


What’s up everyone?  Hopefully you’re out there training hard to reach your goals.  Whether you’re an athlete, former athlete like myself, or just a gym rat, we can all benefit from increasing our knowledge of training and learning from some of the great coaches who pioneered the methods we sometimes take for granted today.  The box squat, for example, was popularized in the 1960′s at Bill West’s original Westside Barbell in Culver City, CA and is just as effective at building posterior chain strength now as it was then.  The difference is today we have the internet which allows new training techniques to spring up and spread faster than ever before.  Unfortunately, most of them are crap.

If you really want to see weight loss results then you should look out for fitness gym for women in your area. I reside in Lexington and I am very happy with my current gym.


Massage is simple way to get relief from all stress



Anti-Stress: A unique blend of Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques are use for the whole body.  It regulates the nervous system and stimulates the blood circulation. The special blend of aroma oil is used for the technique will calm your mind and will help you to take away your stress and tension, it gives you a feeling of stress less whole being.

Thai Herbal Poultice: This is sometimes called Thai herbal massage. Heated herbal pouched are rhythmically pounded on your body.  This treatment is both relaxing and energizing. (more…)

Curb those cravings



If it weren’t for those pesky little food cravings, you’d have the willpower you want and the goal weight you desire. Sometimes, it takes a little more. Your bariatric team knows just how to combine the right amount of exercise, nutrition, and information to ease you into your new habits and self confidence. You can regain control over your eating and get back that “old” feeling that put confidence in power drive. (more…)