2018: New Year Resolution

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Here we are turning the corner passing the year 2017  and approaching a fresh start with 2018. Yes, 2017 had its ups and downs as does every year. On the bright side, the world didn’t come to an end and here you are once again thinking and hopefully actually planning on putting a New Year resolution into action! I’m curious to know what everyone has in mind. Please share!

“A” is for Attitude!

A “Can- do” attitude is very important when trying to stick to your fitness and health goals. New Year resolutions are set and a positive attitude is key.  With busy schedules juggling work, school, kids, etc., it can be very easy to put off goals or get side tracked. This turns into a downward cycle of discouragement and DE-motivation. Before you know it, it’s the end of the year and you’re starting over…again. Stay focused and pick back up if you fall off. Don’t be discouraged along the way.  Keep up the hard work and stay positive!

We provide training in the areas of flexibility, strength, speed, power, and mobility to help prepare athletes for successful sports competition.

It is important for athletes to be focused on the goals of their sport and be prepared mentally on the techniques needed to be winners.

Our trainers will instruct the athletes on position specific skills, team-building, and systems unique to their particular sport.

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