Foods That Help Alleviate Period Pains

We all have our own cravings during our periods. Why? During the time leading up to our periods, and a short while after our monthly menstrual cycle, our bodies are naturally in a “breeding state.” This basically means our estrogen levels peak during its fertile time causing our bodies to desire a higher calorie consumption

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Committing to a Better Life

As women, we tend to over-extend ourselves. We go the extra mile for our aging parents, friends, spouses and especially our kids. We show up to corporate jobs well before our scheduled start time and we’re there for hours after we’re due to get off in many cases. If we’re self-employed, we put in far

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Touching, Squeezing and Pinching

We all know that physical health is not just about jumping on a treadmill, StairMaster or elliptical. It’s way more than sit-ups, crunches and squats. You have to feel! Take control of your life and your health!

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