Forgiving, Forgetting and Remembering

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Forgiving, Forgetting and Remembering

One of the most powerful acts you can perform is to forgive. It is also one of the most difficult to carry out.

Wrongs/slights take place every single second in every single sector of the world. Some of the things that hurt others are intended, some are not. In the end, whether the act is intentional or not, the resulting pain is still there. Everyone’s pain is different. Everyone’s measurement of the depth/weight of the actual deed is different. Being lied to, cheated on, passed up for a much-deserved promotion, being misused, mistreated and all other things in between result in hurt feelings. There’ll even been times when you’ll be told that you’re being overly sensitive. That may well be the case but your feelings are your own and if you’re hurt, you’re hurt. No one has the right to discount that feeling.

What happens after the act is committed is when you prove that you are indeed, the bigger person. No one has a right to determine whether you should be upset or angry because that is your right. Be mad. Be upset. Feel whatever you need to feel but don’t let that negative feeling fester. While there is no time limit on how long you should or should not be upset over a wrong, when you come to realize that the thought of it is affecting your emotions and mentality on a daily basis; when you are infatuated with getting revenge; when you can’t function because you’re so set on getting even, you need to reassess. Allow no one, especially not a person who intentionally caused you pain to control any area of your life, including your mentality. YOU and you alone determine what and how you feel.

Contrary to what many believe, forgiveness is about releasing yourself to live again. It is about ridding your spirit and your soul of anger, bitterness and discontent. It is far from letting the offender off the hook. By forgiving that person, you are placing yourself on a higher plane, letting that person know that nothing he or she has done is enough to stop YOUR world from spinning and that you are the captain of your own ship. It’s a one-up-man ship kind of thing. You steer the ship, your ship.

Will you ever forget what happened? Not if you’re smart. Remembering allows for a built-in mechanism to surface that prevents you from opening yourself up to the same circumstance that caused your pain in the first place. You’ll be reminded of the pain and realize that you don’t want to take that path again.

Take charge of your emotions and your mentality. Forgive those who’ve wronged you. Forgive yourself for the wrongs you’ve committed against others and yourself. Live the good life.

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