Just Around the Bend…

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Just Around the Bend

Just Around the Bend…

Another Christmas has come and gone. For many, it was bittersweet. For some, it was just sad, with no sweetness in any way. For others, there was much to celebrate and enjoy.

The new year is just around the corner and most everyone is ready for it. Last year  held many tragedies, on both personal and national levels. Loss was felt on tremendous levels. Recovery will take quite some time. Many years in some cases. The new year can represent the start of that healing and many other things. There’s something about turning the final page of a calendar year and stepping boldly into a new year that makes anything seem possible.

Like many others, I will be embarking upon a weight-loss journey in the new year. The difference for me this time will be that the venture will be for far more reasons than just to look great in a pair of jeans. Complications from diabetes took the life of my maternal grandmother at the very young age of 38. Granted it was well before there was really effective treatment for the disease, but diabetes remains a killer in this day and age. I choose to control what I can and my weight is one of those things. And it won’t hurt anything that I’ll look pretty good in those jeans!

Weight-loss is not the only journey to embark upon in 2013. Perhaps you need to become more attuned to who you really are. Find your true self. Work on your emotional and mental self. This may mean journaling. It may mean counseling. Maybe it’s time to return to school or begin the schooling you need to move up at your job. Maybe it’s time to leave that dead-end job that you’ve been held hostage in. Maybe it’s time to leave that relationship that will never allow you to grow and live.  Whatever it takes to move you into the woman you want to be, do it. The new year gives you a new slate. Take advantage of it.

Keep living and do it in grand style!!

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