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What’s up everyone?  Hopefully you’re out there training hard to reach your goals.  Whether you’re an athlete, former athlete like myself, or just a gym rat, we can all benefit from increasing our knowledge of training and learning from some of the great coaches who pioneered the methods we sometimes take for granted today.  The box squat, for example, was popularized in the 1960′s at Bill West’s original Westside Barbell in Culver City, CA and is just as effective at building posterior chain strength now as it was then.  The difference is today we have the internet which allows new training techniques to spring up and spread faster than ever before.  Unfortunately, most of them are crap.

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The old methods are often the most effective.
There are lots of great blogs out there whose authors post links to great new articles in the strength and conditioning and sports performance world every week.  Eric Cressey’s Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read is a good example, and if you’re not already checking his blog on a regular basis you should be.  With that in mind I’m going to switch it up a bit and post links to some of the classic articles that played a large role in my lifting career and that taught me a lot about being a better lifter, athlete, coach, etc.  If you haven’t read them before then you should.  If you have read them before, then read them again because I can guarantee you’ll pick up something new or at least be reminded of something that will be of use to you or other athletes.

Today we’re going to focus on what I consider to basically be the holy grail of the conjugated periodization (or Westside) system:

There are hundreds of articles out there about the Westside training methods, and dozens of articles by Louie Simmons himself.  If you check this blog on a regular basis I’m sure you’ll see some of them pop up in the future.  However, when it comes to condensing everything about their training into a single article that is broken down into sections that are easy to read and understand, this is the king.  I have to warn you, this is not a short piece or some light reading that you can skim through and process in a few minutes, but if you take the time to read and consider everything Dave talks about and how you can apply it to your training, I have no doubt you can reap a huge benefit from it.

He covers everything in 4 parts and besides the big topics like strength, speed, and recovery, he also goes into detail on weak points in the big 3 lifts, the importance of coaching and surrounding yourself with the right team, provides workout templates, details proper lifting technique, and much more.  Do yourself a favor and read this now.

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