Wearing Red Makes You Sexier

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Red dress

Red Makes You Sexier

There’s no secret that the color red has almost magic-like capabilities with its various shades appealing to almost everyone. Some love wearing red and others love looking at those who are wearing red. Regardless of your preference, the color red is sexy and beautiful attracting the libidos and minds of both men and women.

Studies have shown that the color red intensifies physical response causing people to react faster and more aggressively. Perhaps this is due to red being associated with danger, but whatever the case may be it sure is synonymous with the next finding: red makes men and women more desirable to one another. Studies have shown that men and women are more unconsciously attracted to the color red on the opposite sex more than any other color. Women like red on men because they find it to be more powerful and sexually desirable.  Men like red on women because—well, it’s sexy.

The study conducted showed both men and women images of the opposite sex in various colors including red.  Women rated men wearing red to appear to be more attractive and successful both financially and personally. The male participants found women wearing red to be more attractive, suggesting that the color red has a sexual connotation attached.

Because of my peaked interest in the matter, I decided to do a little amateur experiment of my own and put the theory to a test. For a week I alternated between wearing some form of blue or red to work. Because I work in a popular bookstore in the downtown area of my current residence, there is always a high volume of people coming in and out of my workplace thus allowing me to monitor the response to my wardrobe color.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I wore blue in the form of a blouse, costume jewelry, headband, or a combination of all with black, white, or jean as the accompanying color. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday was dedicated to wearing red in the same form with the same accompanying colors. The response? I was approached by more people on the days I wore blue than the days I wore red but I was stared at more when I wore red than when I wore blue. Now, I’m an attractive woman to begin with but I was truly surprised by how much of a difference a color could change people’s response. I expected the outcome to be quite the opposite but I have a theory for why my experiment had that form of a response.

On the days I wore blue I felt more comfortable and calm with an overall ease. According to research, blue is said to be a tranquil color bringing peace, which may have made me more approachable at work and towards customers. On the days I wore red I felt much sexier and more daring with clearly more confidence. I have been told I can be quite an intimidating person without being conscious of it so my natural intimidating tendencies in conjunction with my fierce red attire may have turned me into a seductive devil—nice to look at but not to take out for coffee without feeling like you sold your soul.

Overall, it was interesting to see people’s responses. While I love the color red, I think I’ll save it for happy hour instead of work hours. It’d be interesting to hear other male and female perspectives on how they feel while wearing red and blue. Do you feel more confident in one color versus the other? Do you have a go-to color when you know you want to catch a potential love interest’s eye? Or do you think it’s all a bunch of bologna and attraction is more than just a visual and physical thing? Regardless of what, no one can deny that red is an attractive color and will definitely grab your attention no matter who or what it’s on.

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